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The Utah Queen (Formally known as the Crystal Mine) is located within the ghost town of Jacob City. It's nickname is derived from the high abundance of large calcite crystal formations toward the end of a side passage deep within the mine. The mine is gated, but one can squeeze through the bars in the gate. The mine is deep and provides a few hours of good exploring. There are still a few artifacts within.


Mine Exploration Gear

Light 4x4 Vehicle with High Clearance or ATV


40.387588, -112.275724

Take the road that turns into Ophir Canyon. Take your first left. Its a dirt road. Continue on this road. Don't take any of the smaller side roads. Follow the grade for about a mile. When you come to a split in the road, continue straight. Take the first right when the road splits again. Continue on here for about 2 miles. When you pass the ore chute to the right, take the next left.

Please view our Mine Safety article before exploring abandoned mines.

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