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Main Lincoln Mine Opening

The Lincoln Mine is part of a concentrated mining district in the Mineral Mountains, just north west of Minersville, Beaver County, UT.The Lincoln mine is possibly one of the oldest mines in America. It is believed that the Spanish began tunneling into the Lincoln mine during the 18th century. later discovered by Mormon bishop James Rollins in 1858, the ore of the old Spanish mine was used to make bullets that turned out to be nearly pure silver! The area is full of shafts, portals, mining equipment, and ponds. The mine is near the top of Bradshaw Mountain. There are several roads that meander off towards the mine; you can drive right to it in a 4WD truck. It also offers some nice hiking. Rail tracks come out the entrance of the mine, which opening is about 10' across. A few hundred feet down the mountain and to the west, another tunnel cuts eastward into that mountain. This tunnel is full of water. about 20 feet in, it fills to about waist deep. A cave in has occurred about 1000' in, making passing very difficult. DO NOT ENTER THIS MINE WITHOUT PROPER GEAR. It has been suggested that this mine was dug to empty that actual lincoln mine, which is located above this adit. The water flowing out of this tunnel formed a nice little stream with a significant volume of flow. A water pipe runs though the tunnel, also suggesting that at one point, this tunnel was drained.

Further reading can be found in: -George Thompson's book, Some Dreams Die (Highly recommended reading for all mines) -research paper -Backcountry Adventures Utah (The ultimate guide to the Utah Backcountry)

Second Lincoln Mine Opening

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4x4 Vehicle Highly recommended, but not necessary.

Mine Exploration Gear

Mike returning from exploring tunnel


Follow the Lincoln Gulch, just NW of Minersville. Its a dirt road. Look for a small stream on your south side. This should bring you to the approximate area.

38.267270° -112.887619° @ 6300'

Flooded mine
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